Why write at HUBPAGES?

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What is better hubpage or triond?

For residual income

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I have tried numerous writing sites but Triond is the only site that I keep coming back too. It is hassle free and it accepts any theme so you can write anything you want; from health articles to poetry, you name it.

Triond pays both for page views and adsense. I like it because I don't depend my income on readers' ads clicks. As long as your articles being viewed, you get the money.

I don't agree with people who says Triond is full of incompetent writers. I have been there for more than a year, and I can say that there are a lot of talented writers there. I have seen rubbish articles on any other sites, but does that mean the site is full of them?

My suggestions is, why not try to publish your articles first. Keep being active for about six months and see how it goes for you :)

Good luck and keep writing!

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I think both Triond and Hubpages have potentials for residual income. For Triond, you can earn from Google Adsense. At Hubpages, you can earn from Google Adsense, eBay and Amazon. You can also earn from Kontera. If you are familiar with affiliate marketing, Hubpages can be more lucrative, since you have several avenues to earn money.

But it also depends on where you spend your time most. I put a lot of time on Triond and less on Hubpages. Thus the earnings are follow suit.
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I guess hubpage is better than triond..
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I did a lot of research in forums, trying to find what people earn on Hubpages and Troind. I found more people recommending Hubpages than Troind. I also found some earnings threads in the Hubpages forums and was quite impressed but they also say it takes a lot of work. I decided to join both of them anyway and find out for myself. My problem is that after doing a few hubs, I find it takes too long and I'm finding it hard to stay motivated to make more. Then I found WebAnswers and I much prefer answering questions. Hopefully I will find the time to take the 30 day challenge with Hubpages this year, 30 hubs in 30 days. Then I'll do some work with Troind and get a direct comparison.
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I have done very well with Hubpages. I earned over $400 there for the month of December with about 340 hubs. I wrote about 60 of those during the month of December. I make money with Hubpages through Amazon and adsense.

I have not tried Triond, but I have read that it takes longer to earn with them.
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New User (4)
HubPages is by far the best place if you want to try making money online. Just be sure to read the terms and conditions about what you can and can't do, as they do crack down quite hard at times.

You'll find that hubpages reach their peak traffic level at around 3 months, then earning potential reaches their peak at 6 months. Keep building links to hubs and traffic can be very significant.
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I firmly believe that using a mixture of sites is the best strategy. Snipsly's traffic dropped 90% in January because of a google algorithm change... if you put all your eggs in one basket, all it takes is someone to flip a switch and you are toast.
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By all accounts Hubpages is the best article writing site for GoogleLove and income generation but like all things in this world it is best not to rely on a single income stream. Just as it is wise to learn how to write on Hubpages for Adsense and Amazon income (and Ebay if you can get an account) so too is it wise to write on various revenue sharing sites so that, should the unforeseen occur, your entire income stream is not removed in one go. It is also wise to create websites of your own in vertical markets that you have found to be lucrative from your Hubpages or Triond experiences.
In this world nothing comes without effort. Put in the required effort and I am sure that both Hubpages and Triond can generate an income, over time, that you will be satisfied with.

Remember that what you earn is residual income - that is income that is generated from some effort that you have put in previously and that you do not necessarily continue to expend. What this means is that time is a great influence on the total income you generate. Once written and promoted your income from an article can go on and on for a very long time. Without taking time into consideration it is very difficult to determine which might be the best article writing site for your needs.
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I joined HubPages and Triond at about the same time, and I much prefer HubPages. This is not because of the different affiliate programs available on HubPages that are not available on Triond; rather, it is because HubPages is an all-around better website.

While you can earn money from Triond by pageviews and Google Adsense, Triond takes a piece of the pie on clicks. Pageview earnings from Triond are minimal and not consistent. This is because Triond utilizes a number of various websites and publishes your article to the relevant website, and each website pays a different amount. For example, an article for a recipe might take 15 views before you make one penny, while an article in health will pay a penny after five pageveiws.

Triond is more of a social networking website. You really want to focus on not just writing articles but making friends as well. Often, readers agree to swap reads in order to make money.

The websites that Triond utilizes are filled with pop-up ads. This is annoying for the internet reader who is actually surfing the web to find information. I know when it happens to me, I will often just leave the article.

The forums at Triond are not moderated and, therefore, full of spam, cursing, belittling one another, etc.

Triond will often publish an article on the wrong website and/or in the wrong category. You have no control over this since it is automatically placed on the sites. Any complaints you have must be submitted in a forum, and it seems that there is only one staff person that handles complaints. So, you are lucky if any problem you are having is corrected, especially in a timely manner.

In my opinion, Triond has a high number of incompetent writers. One of the more popular articles about Triond, written by a Triond user, advises people to write, write, write and indicates that Triond writers must focus on quantity, not quality. This is plainly evident to me.

HubPages is the exact opposite.

The site has a ton of undiscovered talent. The members are helpful and friendly and so is the staff.

Members have complete control over their hubs. While Triond reviews articles prior to publishing (there is a lot of plagiarism, grammar issues, etc. over at Triond), HubPages allows members to publish articles immediately and assign their Hubs to categories. If a Hub has grammar and spelling issues, as well as being flagged as duplicate content, the Hub dwindles in score and will become NoFollow by Google.

HubPages is not a social-networking website, meaning you don’t need to be popular in order to make money. Members do not have to waste their time trying to friend people in order to have their material read. There are no pop-ups on HubPages. This makes it both member friendly and user friendly.

The forums are moderated. The only time forums become slightly heated is in the political forums, where you may find some nasty comments from time to time that are inappropriate. When enough people flag the comments, the comments are removed.

I have removed most of my articles from Triond and placed them on HubPages. Not only do I make more money on those same articles, but the articles are actually read by internet users.

Whichever website you decide to spend more time on, I wish you the best of luck.
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I thing hub pages is batter any other earning sharing site.because write about any subject but get traffic from search engine.
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Hubpage is better than triond because hubpage is very easy to use .you will get your articles posted immediately and you will get ad click so fast than triond
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I think hubpages is by far the more appropriate site for generating residual income.
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Answer 13 / 21 - Submitted 89 days ago...

Authority (370)
When any site is deemed to be "better" than another site, it is important to think of each individual site in terms of the context by which it presents in relation to generosity and transparency of revenue sharing arrangement, growth trends, and strictness of editorial guidelines and adherence to quality control. For as much as love HubPages, it has realized its own share of struggles and challenges in context of their attempts to regain their slipped authority in Google. At this time, what occurred to them as a result of Google's farmer Panda algorithm change is simply undeniable.

Not only was their site's traffic impacted, but, subsequently, so were the endeavors and businesses of thousands of members. Triond does appear to be presenting with slow and steady growth trends that could result in high earnings for those who invest time there. When using web 2.0 revenue sharing websites, it is important for one to be as proactive in their writing and research so as to safeguard your own time invested. One resounding downside of these sites, even though I love using them for their near instantaneous ability to capture high search engine authority, is that the endeavors a few to cheat and exploit the system can actually have a direct impact on the collective userbase, as evidenced by the attached graph.

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I vote for Hubpages as it is most easy to operate
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Expert (694)
Since the Google Panda, it is difficult to say. However, if you like to write for income, use both sites. You should use the Hubpages to write whatever you want, whenever you want too.
You should use Tronid to link to the Hubpages, or/and write reviews about products. If you like writing articles online for money, you should never keep all of your eggs in one basket.
The reason you should use both, is because there is a slight possibility that one site could fall. If that site falls, you have the other site to fall back on.
After you get enough content on those sites, use more sites. You may have to exercise patience, but you could be making money in no time.
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I have been writing some for Triond but stoped
Even if I promoted my articles at at least 10 different places, I have never earned more than a few cents
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Answer 17 / 21 - Submitted 87 days ago...

Authority (549)
Although hubpages has taken a hit after the google panda update, I would say that it is definitely a better site than Triond. I find that hubbers produce more quality content than some of the utter garbage on triond...and from what I've heard, the pay at hubpages is much better.
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Answer 18 / 21 - Submitted 23 days ago...

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I haven't tried HubPages yet, although I've occasionally been tempted to, because the feedback of other users has been that it pays better. However, I'm always put off, because it seems the site offers much less freedom to its writers than Triond. Probably by the time you made sure an article conforms to all the guidelines, you could have written three articles on Triond with much less hassle, and over piece you'd have earned just as much, if not more!

It has to be said though, that a lot of seasoned veterans at Triond have been abandoning the site recently, citing a slump in page views and earnings. Although come to think of it, the same is true of HubPages! The Panda update really seems to have hit all revenue-sharing sites very hard.
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Answer 19 / 21 - Submitted 12 days ago...

Expert (774)
That depends on what type of articles you want to write, and what is your purpose of writing.
If you are good at writing reviews, especially movie reviews, and have the intention to earn from affiliate marketing, you must write mainly in Hubpages.
You can write, and then use the Amazon capsule to encourage readers to download the movie.
If you just want to write for Adsense, and page views, then Triond is better.
You can write in any style you want, and you can publish it hassle free.
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Answer 20 / 21 - Submitted 12 days ago...

Authority (521)
They both have their advantages. It really depends on your writing. The thing I like most about Triond is that I get paid for impressions and not just adsense clicks. I seem to generate more adsense revenue from my hubs though, because my hubs rank higher than my triond articles.
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Answer 21 / 21 - Submitted 8 days ago...

Authority (222)
I write across many revenue sharing sites; I mostly do freelance writing though. I think what works best for you depends on your writing style. Each site has different expectations--found in their TOS. Then there is how well they actually make writers adhere to those expectations--the real culture of the site.

Hub Pages is pretty good about sticking to their TOS; the culture is fairly straight forward. The writers take the site seriously, and so do the administrators. Junk is removed and they work hard to overcome issues (like Google Panda). Hub Pages is also nice because you have complete control over your work with publication and updates. It will be tossed fairly quickly if it isn't up to par, but usually by giving the author a chance to fix it.

Triond is trying to get better about getting closer to their TOS. The culture is lax, however. They have destroyed themselves to certain extent because almost anything--complete junk--was published. The forum is unmoderated and is awful because of it. A lot of good writers have left because of it. And some writers are using Triond less. Triond definitely has its place and the administrators are finally listening to its writers and are starting to clean it up. So far, they've only added the flagging feature, and it needs some work, but it's a start.

I make more on Hub Pages. The higher standards equals a better search engine ranking and a stronger reputation for natural backlinks. Readers take it more seriously; probably because Triond is a bit too ad-heavy. However, Triond isn't bad. It's good for a certain type of article.

I guess what I'm suggesting is to look at many sites, not just Triond and Hub Pages, but Info Barrel, Squidoo, Constant Content (good for freelancing), text broker, etc and find what works best for you. You don't even need to publish strictly on one or two sites. Use 'em all!
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